A New Concept in Lot Design

Roosevelt Ridge is pioneering a unique community approach to development. Over 500 acres of the 556 acre community are subject to a conservation easement. Home owners may build a primary residence within their Build Envelope, as long as the structure adheres to RR's design guidelines, and is approved by the design committee.

Some items to note:

  1. Build Envelopes (BEs) were selected to maximize views and to minimize impact on other BEs. Each has been selected to be the perfect site for your mountain home.
  2. You may have a private trail, as long as it is approved by the HOA. Other residents are not allowed to use your private trail. Trees to be cut would be marked by RR's forest management experts.
  3. A community trail may cross your property. This trail is accessible only to other Roosevelt Ridge owners, who are not allowed to step off the community trail onto your property.
  4. Each Build Envelope connects to the main road via a driveway. Some lots do not have a driveway installed. Each lot is different. Please ask.
  5. Outside of the building envelope you may build a "Rustic Cabin", not to exceed 706 square feet, with no utilities, as long as it is not visible from off-site (other restrictions apply).
  6. Height, color and style restrictions ensure that visual impact from other structures is minimized.

Anatomy of a Roosevelt Ridge Estate Lot

Anatomy of a Roosevelt Ridge Estate Lot

We call the concept of Roosevelt Ridge "Close-Remote". We hope you will call it home!