Roosevelt Ridge Newsletter--August 1, 2011

Welcome back to Roosevelt Ridge!

We have completed our recent infrastructure upgrades. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, our automatic entryway and video security systems have been installed and are working well. In addition, we have completed our road sign installation, so that all of the Roosevelt Ridge roads now have beautiful new signs.

We have completed touching up the entryway, with mulch in each of our railroad tie beds and fresh grading.

We have completed all of our planned investments for this phase of the development, and are very happy with the results. Everything looks great.

On a recent trip, I took a walk through our remaining lots for sale. It is amazing to me how breathtaking the views are from these lots. These lots definitely fit our intent to save the best for last. The forests look healthy, with varying mixes of pine and aspen, and a forest floor alternately covered with pine needles or mountain flowers.

Come and see for yourself how beautiful it gets in the Colorado mountains, and take advantage of our hard work at Roosevelt Ridge!

Thank you.

Scott Schorer
Founder & Owner

We call the concept of Roosevelt Ridge "Close-Remote". We hope you will call it home!