Roosevelt Ridge FAQ's

What are the HOA fees?
Current Homeowner Association fees are $125 per month, $1,500 per year. For convenience and savings, owners may also prepay a year's worth of fees and receive a 2.5% discount.
What services are covered by my HOA fees?
The HOA fees will go toward community services and maintaining common areas. These include but are not limited to the following:
  • Road Maintenance/Snow removal/Dust Suppression on main roads and shared driveways
  • Community Trash
  • Community Mail.
What site disturbances are allowed outside of the building envelope and who reviews and approves proposals?
Site disturbances are discouraged outside of the 2-acre building envelope. However, certain items are allowed with approval from the design review committee if they do not impact adjacent lots and building envelopes.
  • A private path connecting to the community trails
  • A private picnic area or small cabin (700 ft2) with an emphasis on minimal impact
  • A buck (knock down) fence around the surveyed building envelope
  • Twenty feet of fencing in each direction of junction of the community trails and private trails
  • Twenty feet of fencing on either side of the private driveway entrance
Not Allowed:
  • Livestock grazing
  • Fencing lot lines
  • Structures with water or electricity
What are the plans for well and septic?
Each lot is afforded one exempt well permit for indoor use only. We estimate the wells to average 350 ft. in depth. Septic systems must be built to county standards and should not impact adjacent lots or building envelopes.
Why would I buy twenty acres if I can only fence and build on two?
Roosevelt Ridge will maintain nearly five hundred acres of community open space for recreation purposes. Two acres provides ample space for a private home site with outbuildings (garage, storage, work shop, art studio) while the open space will preserve the health of the forest and wildlife for future generations. Private residence access trails will not be for community use.
Who will own the mineral rights under the community?
Existing mineral rights will be transferred to lot purchasers with their parcels. However, mining, foresting, or resource extraction will be strictly forbidden.
Does the developer have preferred lenders, architects, and builders?
RR has compiled a list or preferred architects and builders, however you are not required to use them when you design and build.
Are the homes going to be built by the developer or the buyer?
All homes will be custom built by each lot buyer. The developer does not plan to construct any homes.
How may we use the community trail system?
The community trails will be open to non-motorized vehicles only. Hiking, biking, skiing and horseback will be allowed. ATVs and snow machines are forbidden on the community trails. Hunting is not allowed within the community.
How may we use the Roosevelt National Forest?
The use of Roosevelt National Forest is similar to other forests in the program. Hunting, fishing, hiking, ATVs, snowmobiles, and horseback are all allowed in the national forest. Special restriction may apply to certain areas, and outdoor fires can be prohibited during dry months.
Should I be concerned about wildfires?
All communities developed in a natural setting need to be concerned about wildfires. Roosevelt Ridge has engaged The Anchor Point Group to develop a comprehensive forest management plan that includes fire mitigation for the community forest and defensible space for each building envelope. They are assisting us to achieve the status of a “FireWise Community” through defensible space and construction recommendations. Homes designs will be reviewed for fire safety and required to include sprinkler systems.
How far is Roosevelt Ridge from essential services?
Gas Station and Local Convenience Store – 3 miles (Highway 119)
Major Grocery Store - 7 miles (Nederland)
Local medical center - 10 miles (Black Hawk)
Major Medical Center – 26 miles (Boulder)
Public transportation - 10 miles (Black Hawk)
Fire Department - 9 miles (Black Hawk)
Fire Department – Colorado Sierra 3 miles (Highway 119)

What is the altitude and weather like on Roosevelt Ridge?
Approximately 9200 – 9800 ft.  Because of the mountain setting, the weather at Roosevelt Ridge can be variable in any season of the year. However, typically summertime highs are 70-80 degrees and winter temperatures are typically between 30-40 degrees. In addition, Roosevelt Ridge enjoys significant sun exposure on a regular basis. Clouds in Boulder often mean sunshine at Roosevelt Ridge..
To which school district does the community belong?
Roosevelt Ridge is in the Boulder Valley school district. Therefore children would be eligible for enrollment in the Nederland schools. In addition, there is also an option to attend the Gilpin County schools including a Montessori program for 5-9 year olds.
Who will pay for and manage the community solar program?
Roosevelt Ridge may install a solar power substation to provide power to Roosevelt Ridge, and is currently considering options.
Is there a required timeline for building on a purchased lot?
There is no timeline for building on a purchased lot.
What are the estimated property taxes?
Gilpin County has tax rates that approximately 70% less than adjacent counties. 2008 property taxes for a typical 20-acre unimproved lot at Roosevelt Ridge are around $2,200.
Benefits of living in the Roosevelt Ridge communityBenefits of community life on Roosevelt Ridge

We call the concept of Roosevelt Ridge "Close-Remote". We hope you will call it home!